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Remember PreRicher’s Earn Cash Just For Shopping With ibotta App

Cash Back at Over 500,000 Locations
You’re busy and you don’t have time to download a separate app for every store where you shop. Instead, use Ibotta to earn cash rebates on the best brands, products, stores, restaurants, movies, and more.

Ibotta is one of my favorite apps of all times. I have been using it for only a few months and have already saved myself tons of money! The best part is, I GET THE MONEY BACK!

Whenever I go to any stores I usually frequent (for example Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Ride-Aid, etc) I am getting money BACK on things I would purchase already.

Whenever me or my family go to any of the stores in over "500,000 locations" that ibotta will give rebates back on, I'm always loading my app before I even start browsing for anything.

I can always find products on there that I need or planned to purchase soon anyways.

So why not go ahead and take advantage of basically some free money?

Who wouldn't want free money? The App is completely free to download and use, and is very easy to navigate for non-techies.

If you can use facebook on your phone, you can easily use ibotta.

Getting Started

The first thing you have to do is download the app. You can easily sign up before downloading the app be using my referral code: fmgxaxs

By using the referral code, you get an automatic $10 sign up bonus whenever you complete registrations and then redeem your first rebate WITHIN 2 WEEKS!

This is very important. If you just sign up then don't redeem a rebate within your first two weeks after signing up, you'll miss out on a free ten bucks!

I mean, it's just free money on something you would buy anyways, don't waste it!

After signing up, you can then go to Google Play for Androids or download it from iTunes for your iPhone(iOS).

After installing, easily login with the account you registered earlier with the Referral Link used earlier.

Getting your FREE money



This part is really easy, as you can see above.

After signing in, all you have to do is type in at the top the store you're shopping at, scroll through the categories or search again at the top for the product you're going to buy.

After that you select the product, you can easily double check the bar code using ibotta's own bar code scanner to make sure it qualifies for the rebate.

After unlocking the rebate and finishing your shopping, you can now redeem your purchases and get some cash back.

As shown in the 3rd step, you have to either take a quick picture of your receipt to verify your purchase, or with some stores like Wal-Mart, you can easily scan the bottom QR bar code on the receipt.

My rebates usually show up with 5-10 minutes after submitting my rebates.

That's all, you now know how to get back some of that money you've been needlessly spending on your everyday groceries or items you would need!

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Let us know how well you did using ibotta and getting some of that free money back by commenting below!

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